Mansard / Facade

Description: A decorative trim or panel system projecting from the face of a wall panel.

Gauges: Varies dependent on design loads.

Finishes: Red Oxide Primer

Lengths: Varies dependent on building design and appearance requirements.

Dimensions: 3:12 slope typical on mansards.

Usage: Aesthetic application

Limitations: Soffit elevation must be at least 2′-0″ below eave, minimum projection is 1′-6″, maximum projection is 6′-0″, and maximum height is 9′-0″. Mansard/fascia must be 6″ higher than the peak on the end wall and 6″ higher than the eave on the sidewall.

Feature Benefit
1. Aesthetically Pleasing 1. Economical way to spruce up any building.
2. Covers eave and rake 2. Aesthetically Appealing