Description: A horizontal structural member which supports roof covering and is in the shape of a Zee.

Gauge: 16,14,13,12

Depth: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, & 12″

Finish: Red Oxide Primer & Pre-coated galvanized

Fasteners: Bolts

Lengths: Up to 55'

Fabricated at: All sites

Usage: Secondary member to support roof panels.

Limitations: Designed to meet specific load criteria.


Depth Gauges
4″ 16,14,12
6″ 16,14,12
8″ 16,14,13,12
10″ 14,13,12
12″ 14,13,12

Pictured above is a purlin to rafter with a flange brace.: Angled Purlin

Feature Benefit
1. EZ purlin " variance in flange width & 50 degree angled stiffener lip  1. Allows easy placement of purlins and easy installation and greater stability 
2. Nominal purlin spacing of 5'  2. Economical design 
3. 50+ combinations of size, gauge, spacing and lap length  3. Optimum design and economical pricing 
4. Continuous purlin lap lengths of 1' 2 ", 2' 5 ", 3' 8 "  4. Optimum design and economical pricing 
5. Pre-painted, factory baked red oxide finish.  5. Smooth, attractive appearance, improved adherence & durability. Therefore, no paint sticking problems. 
6. Purlin clips welded to frame   6. Rest point during erection, quicker erection, reduces purlin roll under heavy loading, & increases stiffness. 
7. Optional Galvanized finish.  7. Meets specifications, greater resistance to some corrosive atmospheres 
8. Tabbed sag angles are used with standing seam options/systems  8. Reduces purlin roll, increases stiffness, ease of erection, greater stability, and increased load capacity 
9. Easy purlin identification (triangle)   9. Ease of erection 
10. Members of LGSI  10. Meets specifications 
11. With a wider width and higher gauge zee-purlin, we can go to a longer bays up to 40'.  11. Longer bay buildings, can be furnished with the advantages of a cold-formed zee-purlin. 
Z Purlin From Pascal Steel BuildingsPurlin Drawing From Pascal Steel Buildings

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