Multi Story Self Storage Facilities

Pascal Steel has and will continue to be a choice subcontractor for the storage industry.

Since the mid 80’s Pascal Steel has specialized in collaborating with General Contractors and Private Entities to complete millions of square feet of commercial self storage buildings.

It’s safe to say 85% of the Self Storage projects we have participated on ask us to complete other phases and/or facilities.

Pascal Steel has always used the motto: “We don’t only build to code, we build to keep you happy long into your future.”

We know you have a choice when building…We appreciate every opportunity to be your #1 choice.

Multi-Story Storage Building Interior Hallway System - Self Storage Multi-Story Self Storage

Building up

Land costs factor huge in site location.

When space is an issue, multi-story storage facilities are an excellent solution.
Our in-house engineering and design team can help you hit the necessary square footage requirements so your facility makes financial sense.

Design for growth

Whether a forward thinking start-up or a successful self-storage business, we can help design your facility to literally take it to the next level.

There are some considerations when planning your single-story storage facility that, if taken care of on the front end, will make adding a new story easy and seamless. Accounting for elevator space. Increasing structural integrity. Simply planning ahead. These considerations tend to have little to no cost and can be highly rewarding.

We would love to discuss with you further. Please Contact Pascal Steel with any questions.

Two Story Self Storage Design Build Self-Storage - Multi Story Mini Storage - Multi Story Design

Quick, cost-effective construction

Pre-engineered means “Good to go.”

With less variables than traditional building methods, constructing with pre-engineered steel products is simple and easy. This translates into fewer complications, fewer extended deadlines and more cost savings.

Overall, erection times are much faster than any other building method, and the result is a much more durable steel structure.

Trusted durability

The best warranty is one you never need.

While we offer extensive building warranties for all of our structures, we also build your reassurance into the structure itself.

We procure only the best steel building components, and our steel facilities are certified to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads and extreme temperatures. Built with steel, your storage units will resist mold and termites, ensuring low maintenance and avoiding costly repairs years ahead.

Our motto is “We don’t only build to code, we build to keep you happy long into your future.” And we mean it.

Storage market at a glance

Pascal Steel has witnessed self-storage grow from a niche market to its widespread prevalence today.

The US storage market has grown exponentially since the 90’s, and it is an extremely horizontal industry with the five largest companies only accounting for about 10% of the market.
Other favorable factors include that it has proved have solid returns through recession and times of economic growth.

Want more info on this growing industry? See our in-depth market research.