Pascal Steel Buildings Blog

Experience Your Steel Building Design with 3D Printing

Imagine pressing “print” and watching as a miniature, three-dimensional model of your building project suddenly appears in front of your eyes. As 3-D printing technology advances and becomes more widespread, this becomes a reality. In this blog post, we will discuss and examine the uses of new 3D-printing technology in the architecture design process for steel buildings.

Pascal Steel Builds the Great American Pavilion

Pascal Steel Corporation Designs and Builds the Great American Pavilion for California’s Great America Amusement Park. In this post, we show you what went into the design, building and construction of a high-quality 18,000 square foot multi-purpose steel facility that will be home to the Red Zone Rally pregame event for all 49ers home games and other Levi’s® Stadium events.

Technology Advancements for Self Storage Facilities

From old converted warehouses to the state-of-art climate controlled multi-story self storage facilities, there have been a number of innovative new products introduced that will allow today’s self-storage facility owners and investors to extract even more value from their investment. In this blog post, discover the new technological advances for self storage facilities and how they can change the way you operate your facility.

LEED Certified Team Members

Pascal Steel is pleased to announce that two of its employees are in various stages of becoming LEED accredited. These team members will contribute to the consultation process of our clients and educating everyone involved in the project on the most viable, earth friendly practices we can incorporate into our work environment.