Pascal Steel has seen a dramatic increase in requests to design/build solar carport structures. We have currently two new contracts to provide our tapered column solar carport design. Pascal Steel has also seen an increase for solar canopies within the government sector through our government’s current stimulus plan.

Pascal Steel Corporation designs various steel carports & solar structures as well as metal buildings, hangars and self-storage facilities. Our past carport designs have included open type structures. This allows the PV Panels to attach directly to the secondary framing structures (ie. purlins). Check your local Solar Tax Credits, this open structure might give you a larger credit within your local area. We also can supply various metal roof profiles where Solar Panels can be installed on top of our covered structures. Give us a call at (760) 944-7767, we would be happy to share our knowledge in this area!

Keep checking our website to find new trends that we are seeing within the steel industry.