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A choice subcontractor in the storage industry, Pascal Steel has collaborated with general contractors and private entities to complete millions of square feet of commercial self-storage facilities. We know our customers don’t make their business decisions lightly, and we are proud of the fact that 85% of our self-storage clients ask us to come back for additions and new facilities.
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Ease of build

Pre-engineered translates into shorter construction time at a fraction of the cost.

Compared to conventional building methods with wood and other traditional materials, projects involving pre-engineered steel components are less likely to encounter “unforeseen problems” that can extend deadlines and incur costs.

Quicker but not at the expense of quality, these projects result in heavy-duty yet elegant, cost-effective structures that align perfectly with the self-storage industry.

Ease of market entry

Self storage is a remarkably horizontal industry in the US—the five largest competitors in the industry only share about 10% of the market.

With over 50,000 self-storage buildings and approximately half as many companies, the ease of entry to this industry has become appealing for investors and entrepreneurs big and small. And we have yet to see a year in which the storage industry didn’t grow.

Ease of growth

Pre-engineered metal buildings are modular. Building times are short. And adding units is easy.

So no matter if you’re a start-up or an experienced self-storage company, pre-engineered steel facilities give you the flexibility necessary to grow your business.

Not enough upfront capital? Start small. The modular aspect of your storage units mean you can always add more.

Turning away customers? Get more units. Quick erection times mean more units can be added in a matter of days. Pre-engineered, the units will match as though they’ve always been there.

Not enough land? Build up. Join the growing trend and check out our multi-story self-storage solutions.

Recession-proof returns

Despite being a relatively young industry, research shows that self-storage facilities are one of the soundest commercial real estate investments, offering tremendous rates of return both during recession and in times of economic growth.

Over the past 15 years, the average annual returns for the storage sector was just over 15%—higher than any other property sector including office, industrial, apartment and retail. Even during peak recession years between 2007-2011, self storage averaged annual returns of approximately 10%—whereas office and industrial sectors saw negative returns.

Endure the harshest elements

Built inside and out with the highest quality metal building components, Pascal Steel self-storage facilities can endure extreme weather as well as the average wear and tear characteristic of moving furniture and equipment.

Our durable custom steel structures are warrantied for high winds, heavy snow loads and extreme temperatures.
And unlike with other common building materials, you don’t have to worry about mold or termites, meaning less maintenance and costly repairs down the line.

The top quality of our steel as well as our extensive building warranties backs our motto: “We don’t only build to code, we build to keep you happy long into your future.”

With ease of market entry, quick cost-effective construction, and solid returns on investment, now is a better time than ever to contact Pascal Steel for your next project.