Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Prefab Metal Buildings by Pascal Steel

Pascal Steel Corporation has provided numerous types of premium-grade steel buildings to consumers, businesses, government agencies, and corporations alike. Our nationwide appeal is reflective of our dedication to providing substantial savings in material costs, value engineering, custom design, and client satisfaction that is unparalleled in the pre-engineered metal building industry. If you are looking for a high-quality pre-engineered building at the lowest price available, we can help.

Our pre-engineered metal building kits and components from manufacturers including Nucor Building Systems and MBCI are all designed to meet specific requirements of your project’s location for wind, snow, rain and seismic coding. Pascal Steel also provides stamped, engineered certified drawings with each structure. Additionally, all of our pre-engineered metal buildings and building components are backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry (details and further warranty information are available by contacting Pascal Steel Corporation).

If you are looking for any of these types of pre-engineered buildings please do not hesitate to call us (760) 944-7767, we are here to help!

Other Types of Metal Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings

Pascal Steel offers premium-quality, cost efficient commercial steel buildings to a variety of commercial industries. From retail and chain outlets, to new restaurant construction and commercial wholesale distribution centers…whatever your design specifics might be, we have a steel commercial building solution to meet your project-requirement needs.

Institutional Steel Buildings

Pascal Steel has been relied on for years by federal, state, county and city government agencies to provide institutional steel buildings. We can meet any design specifics with customized solutions while staying on schedule and on budget. With years of building and design experience Pascal Steel has become an industry leader in supplying and installing pre-engineered steel buildings to institutions nationwide.

Retail Steel Buildings

Pascal Steel firmly understands the commitment involved with pre-engineered steel retail buildings. And because we know that getting the most value out of your investment means planning wisely, our in house engineering and design team will be able to meet your specific design requirements which will save you time and money.

School Steel Buildings

America’s schools are now significantly impacted by both State and Federal budget concerns. Pascal Steel knows that with funding construction for your new school every dollar counts. For years, we have developed steel school buildings with this in mind. Our company is dedicated to offering significant savings in material and construction costs for our pre-engineered metal school buildings and we are committed to ensuring a healthy place to learn for generations to come.

Steel Canopies

Pascal’s Steel Canopy Structures have been utilized by the government, various recycling centers, manufacturing plants, the agricultural industry as well as many public works departments. The canopy roof system with open walls allows this structure to supply the most simplistic requirement we all want “A roof over our heads” This no thrills steel canopy design is not only functional but very cost efficient.

Steel Church Buildings

Building a place of worship? Pascal Steel’s church buildings has long supported and benefited growing communities nationwide with our state-of-the-art design solutions for pre-engineered metal church buildings. We offer the highest-quality and most cost-efficient applications for any steel church building today. We can supply complete structures or you can build off of our frames through conventional construction utilizing our roof structure and frame strength.

Steel Gymnasiums

The price of building a new gymnasium through traditional methods of construction can be very costly. Pascal Steel knows that the various structural designs and applications required to meet a pre-engineered metal gymnasium’s maximum function are two-fold: premium quality and space coupled with durability and low cost. This is why organizations can rely on a pre-engineered steel building from Pascal Steel.

Steel Manufacturing Buildings

One of the primary factors in determining maximum production for any manufacturing facility is space planning. This requirement is clearly understood at Pascal Steel. We know that customized solutions to – and design applications for – your steel manufacturing building focus on low-cost structural design and construction. Pascal Steel has provided top-quality, well planned pre-engineered steel manufacturing facilities to organizations across America.

Steel Recreational Facilities

Pascal Steel realizes recreational facilities need to accommodate customized design needs as well as meet strict project budgeting criteria. Because of these factors, we have developed our pre-engineered metal recreational facilities to be economically appealing with both flexibility and functionality in mind. Pascal Steel offers a variety of customized solutions to meet individual structural design-needs at the lowest prices available.

Steel Riding Arenas

Pascal Steel’s premium quality steel riding arenas are recognized throughout the industry for their durable, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing design. Our steel riding arenas are fabricated with highest commercial-grade steel and are a wise, economical choice when compared to that of traditional construction methods.

Steel Sports Arenas

When designing a steel sports arena we know you’re thinking about more than just a place to play. Often, the designs involve very large, obstacle-free space. Pascal Steel has decades of experience with such design requirements and can provide you with a pre-engineered metal sports arena with hundreds of feet of clear-span construction. So, whatever your requirements are Pascal Steel certainly has a solution.

Steel Strip-Malls

Pre-engineered steel strip-mall buildings from Pascal Steel will offer you a complete package which will meet your business needs: the highest-quality building with an appealing design at a cost that is affordable. Developers around the country continue to use Pascal Steel as their steel strip-mall building provider because our prefabricated metal building systems are premium-grade and incredibly durable at the lowest price available.

Steel Warehouse Buildings

Pascal Steel’s pre-engineered steel warehouse buildings are designed and built with overall efficiency in mind. Our proven record of supplying customized, top-quality and low-maintenance metal warehouse structures across America speaks for itself. If you are looking at a metal building to store your goods you have found the right company to supply and install your structure!