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Fitness Center Project Details

Located in Area 33 at military base Camp Pendleton, CA, this pre-engineered steel fitness center consists of a standing seam metal roof and a shadow rib exterior wall panel. As you can see from the photos, the clear span structure—no interior support beams—offers an unencumbered workout floor and covers 37,000 square feet.

The building includes insulation, temperature control systems, and windows to maintain a comfortable atmosphere during cold desert nights and hot summer days. The excellent choice of white siding and red trim fits nicely with the surrounding chaparral environment, and the top-quality, American-made steel building components will support our troops training and off-duty workouts for years to come.

High ceilings. Wide-open floors. Low costs.

The biggest challenge of recreational facilities is maintaining structural integrity without interior columns hindering traditional open floor activities. Pre-engineered metal buildings offer the best cost-effective and structurally sound solution.

Conventional building methods with conventional materials don’t come close to pre-fabricated steel in cost, support, or long-lasting durability. With pre-engineered steel components, short deadlines and rare extensions are the norm, meaning more cost-savings and less headache inducing complications.

Column-free interiors meet evolving recreational facilities.

Open floor, column-free interiors offer the versatility needed for recreational facilities today.

Rec centers are no longer just for basketball, gymnastics and general fitness. What were once unconventional activities, such as go-kart courses, trampoline gyms, rock climbing, roller rinks, indoor soccer and more, are now becoming staples in the recreational facility market.

Clear span buildings—like the Camp Pendleton Fitness center featured here—offer a diverse range of applications for your members today and, should you ever choose to sell, potential buyers down the line. Column-free interiors with pre-engineered steel allow you to get the most out of your facility today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Complex customization made easy

Whether you’re the hands-on-want-a-part-in-every-piece-of-the-process person or the complete-pre-designed-option-pick-and-chooser, our in-house design team will work with you to build a custom steel structure that aligns perfectly with your dream spec for spec.

Functional options include: various windows and roll doors for increased air flow and access; rafter attachments like lights, speakers, air-conditioning, video screens, retractable basketball hoops and other electrical equipment; and floor plans for overall square footage.

We also offer metal building products and services in a multitude of colors, pitch, and slant styles, as well as adorning brick, stucco, and stone to customize the aesthetics of your facility. Besides functionality and style, we offer various standards of durability based on your specific environmental needs to ensure low costs now and to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Durability specific to you

We engineer structures with varied warranties on wind speed, snow load, and temperature extremes. We engineer structures over and above codes specific your region as well as weather extremes prone to the area.
Besides structural durability, steel facilities are naturally resistant to mold and termites, meaning low maintenance and less chance of potential costly repairs.

Our 30+ years of experience supports our motto: “We don’t only build to code, we build to keep you happy long into your future.”

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