Riding Arena

Riding Arena Project Details

Located in North San Diego County, this equestrian riding arena covers 20,000 sq. feet and was built with a western-framed design and an added cupola for more natural light. The owner chose brown secondary framing components with a white metal roofing to complement the surrounding buildings on the estate.

The colors also go well with the browns and tans of the surrounding Eucalyptus trees. And the open-air style is perfect for southern California’s temperate climate, giving horse and rider the sense of the outdoors while providing shade on sunny days and shelter on the few rainy ones.

Fit for your environment and taste

Steel riding arenas are highly customizable.

Whether you’re looking for a complete indoor facility or a covered arena as featured here, Pascal Steel offers a wide range of pre-engineered steel building components to satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs. Indoor facilities with temperature control, insulation options, windows, lighting, and paddock add-ons can give horse owners and trainers year-round riding in even the harshest climates.

With a plethora of colors and designs to choose from, steel structures are no longer industrial eyesores—you can design your arena for a sleek progressive look or an authentic western experience. Our in-house design team can give you pre-designed options or let you pick and choose each individual aspect of your riding arena.

Please contact us for more on the many colors and architectural styles to choose from.

Steel Durability

The structural integrity of steel is hard to argue.

It is one of the most durable building materials withstanding both the mighty conditions of high winds, heavy snowfall, and earthquakes, as well as the mini disasters of termites and mold. Because of this durability, investing in steel translates into low upfront costs, low maintenance, and no costly repairs down the line.

With a comprehensive building warranty and over 30 years of experience, Pascal Steel structures reinforce our motto: “We don’t only build to code, we build to keep you happy long into your future.”

Bottom line: Cost

Steel components are pre-engineered and shipped from a location near you.

No welding is involved in the construction of your riding arena. With limited labor required, construction is much faster and at a considerably lower cost than any other building method.

With a multitude of nationwide suppliers and erectors across the United States, no matter where you’re located, the procurement and building process of your arena will involve little to no headache and go much more seamlessly than with traditional building materials.
Given steel’s low maintenance and insured warranties against costly disasters, the cost-savings don’t stop when we leave. Avoiding repairs due to wind, fallen trees, and earthquakes, steel can potentially save you thousands opposed to other building materials.

All of this translates into much lower costs, less extended deadlines, and a structurally sound, beautiful riding arena for you and your horses now and years to come.

Let us help you design the equestrian building of your dreams at a fraction of the time and cost. Contact Pascal steel today.

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