Solar Carports

This solar carport located in Riverside, California was constructed by Pascal Steel in 2010. At the time, carport structures were a niche market in the solar industry for government and municipal parking lots, with little expected growth.

Relatively speaking, this was one of the few carports used for commercial use at the time. However in the last four years, carports have flourished exponentially with megawatts of installations in business parking lots as well as residential driveways.

The solar system featured here consists of three carport arrays offsetting the electric bill for a professional business. A design build project on an existing parking lot, Pascal Steel installed primary and secondary steel along with the foundation design.

Seeing as the structures simultaneously generate electricity for the business while providing shade for employee and client cars, it’s no wonder that a tremendous amount of companies have found solar carports and solar structures to be a lucrative investment.

Pascal Steel is proud to partner with many solar contractors in the industry to offer more cost-savings to our valued customers.

Solar Carports = Cost-effective steel + Income generative solar

Pre-engineered steel is known to be one of the most cost-effective building components and processes in the building industry. Coupled with offsetting or completely eliminating electric bills with solar electricity, a solar carport offers a tremendous ROI for both homeowner and business alike.

Speedy construction

Both solar and pre-engineered metal buildings are known for fast, up and done construction.

Solar arrays and pre-engineered steel structures can be independently installed in a matter of days. Consisting of pre-engineered steel and solar components, solar carports involve simple planning, quick installation, and an overall seamless process. This means fewer complications and no costly deadline extensions. Up and done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast your solar carport will be up and running, and how little maintenance it will need.

Low maintenance longevity with solar carports

Solar and pre-engineered steel are both considered very low maintenance in their respective industries.

Solar—with no moving—has virtually no maintenance compared with other energy generating technologies, and each system comes with a 20-year warranty.

Pre-engineered steel is durable and warrantied for harsh weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snow loads, extreme temperatures and earthquakes. Additionally resistant to mold and termites, pre-engineered steel carports come with low maintenance costs and avoid potentially costly repairs.

Business and Residential Sense

More and more homeowners are using pre-fabricated steel carport and custom steel structures to shelter their cars, boats, and RVs.

Not only can a carport structure offset your electric bill and keep your vehicles safe from adverse weather, it can actually be a small income producer and qualify for several federal and state incentives. However, tax breaks, incentives, and rebates depend on city, state, and federal legislation. This featured solar system qualified for government incentives, but any array not attached to the grid by January 2016, will not receive a federal tax break.

The time for solar is now! Contact Pascal Steel and we’ll get your carport system up, running, and saving you money!

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